Year 1 English handbook

Useful artciles/reading - National Curriculum - Primary framework Literacy - Support for spelling - Grammar for Writing KS2 - Letters and Sounds
PNS strands

Speaking and Listening
PNS talk leaflet 1
PNS talk leaflet 2
PNS talk leaflet 3
PNS talk leaflet 4
Alexander article
DFES background paper
Speaking, Listening, Learning handbook
Speaking, Listening, Learning objectives
Speaking, Listening, Learning clasroom activities
Speaking, Listening, Learning classroom fliers
Reading Pack Storytelling and Storymaking Pie Corbett
Seminar 1 PP
Seminar 2 PP
Seminar 3 PP
Seminar 4 PP
Speaking and Listening PP
Engaging with Texts
Comprehension 1
Comprehension 2
Comprehension 3
Reciprocal reading PP
Reading Pack Teaching Comprehension (2008) Fisher, A.
National Reading Panel 2000
Teachers as readers
Guided reading prompts
Reading seminar 1
Reading seminar 2
Reading seminar 3
Lost and Found support materials

Cracking the Code - Phonics
The Red Tree PP
Phonics 1 PP
Phonics 2 PP

Reading into Writing
Reading pack developing early writing
Early writing PP
Teachers writing PP
Castle view good writing practice
Writing together PP