Geography sessions outline

Definitions of Geography

Year 1, Geography, Week 1, Semester 1
Powerpoint for session 1


Reasons for teaching Geography article

General Geography Resources - Geographical Association website - Geography in the News: topical geography resources for teachers and students - Geography at the movies - Geography website: photo gallery, outline maps, useful but mainly KS 3 - Designed to help plan and teach geography courses that will engage and motivate pupils aged from five to 14. - NC online - NC in action - Royal Geographical society - Staffordshire Learning Net - Thinking Geography: a new website which provides geographical reflections on current events - Thinking through Geography

Distant places resources - DFID Global Dimension: resources on climate change, poverty, water , fair trade - primary and secondary resources based on Global Eye magazine - Oxfam - Oxfam education: resources on global citizenship - Tiki the penguin: geography based website for younger children

Mapping resources - NASA: Earth from space - Prdnance survey education - Ordnance survey mapzone

Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development - Education for Sustainable Development toolkit - Fieldwork council - Growing schools - Learning through landscapes - Sparsholt Schools' centre for Environmental Education

Physical Geography, places and other useful resources! - Images of life on earth - Your climate, your life - Food stories - Discovering Antarctica - Passport to the Poles - Flying to extremes, polar first

- thinking Geographically article

Year 1, Geography, Week 2, Semester 1
Powerpoint for session 2

Geography from square one - global detectives

Local news geography

Scoffham article - 'Please Miss, why are they so poor?'

Taylor article - 'How far is far?'

Photograph activities

'Where in the world am I?' Activity

Year 1, Geography, Week 3, Semester 1
Powerpoint for session 3

Assessing geography progress

Progression of fieldwork skills

Progression of geographical enquiry skills

Progression of mapping skills

Year 3/4 medium term planning example

Year 6 medium term planning example

Barton Farm unit of work

Week 8 LL

Year 1, Geography, Semester 2
Examples of fieldwork blogs

Powerpoint on fieldwork

Powerpoint on technology

Powerpoint on the future

Geography from the Olympics 2012

Olympic powerpoint

Greenwood article - cross-curricularity

Risk assessment example

Edible maps article

2011 Geography Ostead report - GA homepage - Oxfam education - Journey Sticks - GA think piece - Rivers activities - Learning Outside the Classroom - New primary curriculum - Geography - Young people's geography - Making geography happen project - Primary Geography champions - GA-Thinkpiece- Children's Worlds file

Curriculum update 1

Curriculum update 2

Spring article 2011

Every child outdoors article

A different view from the GA article