Punctuation session 1 PP
Word classes session 2 PP
Sentences, clauses etc session 3 PP
Phonics PP
Year 1 grammar audit

Grammar Audit preparation
To help prepare you for the audit you will learn about grammar in the Playing with Language module. It would also be helpful to familiarise yourself with the following through self-study:
word classes metaphor simile personification genres in fiction & non fiction (linked to reading log ) phonemes consonants vowels (initial, final, medial) onset and rime blends digraphs and trigraphs
In preparation for the audit, you may wish to revise from
Rose, A. & Purkis, R. (1997) Collins Grammar Rules London: Collins Educational

A useful, advanced reference book is Seeley, J (2006) Oxford A – Z of Grammar and Punctuation, Oxford: OUP