Year 1, Semester 1 handbook

Year 1, Semeter 2 handbook

Guide to setting up maths file

Year 1, Semester 1 reading log

Year 1, Semester 2 reading log

Additional materials
DfEE (1999) National Curriculum for England, London, DfEE

Extract from: The National Strategies (2010) Teaching Children to Calculate Mentally, London, DfE pp.12-14

Story books with mathematical themes

Structure of primary framework

"To jot or not to jot" article

Primary framework for literacy and mathematics

Models for addition and subtraction

NNS 1999 mental calculations

Lemonade bottles activity

Carrot cake activity

Skemp - Relational and instrumental understanding

Mental calculation article 1

Mental calculation article 2

Mental calculation article 3

Threlfall 2008 Mental Calculations

Three Monkeys investigation

Mathematics learning review Year 1

Managing my Own Learning - KWL grid

What is mathematics? 1 PP

What is mathematics? 2 PP

Introducing counting PP

Developong counting PP

Introducing place value PP

Developing place value PP

Different types of numbers PP

Powerpoints for Developing Mathematical Concepts: The four operations

Mental calculation 1 PP

Mental calculation 2 PP

Mental calculation 3 PP

Progression from mental to written calculation 1 PP

Progression from mental to written calculation 2 PP

Progression from mental to written calculation 3 PP

Drawing to a conclusion

Year 2

Google ITP for interactive teaching programmes to help teach maths! Fractions/Area/Percentage etc
Best maths website called 'nrich' !!