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Attitude to science - Jarvis and Pell
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Module introduction

In the skin of a science researcher is a project directed by Laurent Dubois, University of Geneva. In this project, children have a box with something in it, as a parallel with what the scientists do at CERN. The students then go to CERN to compare their approaches with what the scientists at CERN do in their work. 22.30 scientists present themselves. The first question is this how you dress when you are working. Yes they say, except for special circumstances e.g. in a clean room. On this video, from about 15 to 20 minutes there is a presentation by the children comparing their work with what they think scientists do. They say that these activities match the French National Curriculum that says "Les connaissances et les compétences sont acquises dans le cadre d'une démarche d'investigation qui développe la curiosité, la créativité, l'esprit critique et l'intérêt pour le progrès scientifique et technique" [3] . They argue that scientists can’t see the structure of matter; they are always working at a remove. The thing in the box is an analogy with what the scientists do and they can take the same approach. At 39 minutes, there is film from a classroom with children trying the activity. Notioce how good the children are at putting across their ideas. How do you think their teacher help them learn such skills.

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Year 1, Semester 2
Outdoor learning and life processes
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Planning and assessing learning in science