‍‍‍‍ICT session 2 - Some of the issues of using the internet in the classroom

Are you aware of the terminology used on the internet?
What is a URL?

  • The web address. “ac.uk” is an academic web address. It gives us an indication of what the website is going to be about.


  • An identity theft scam in which criminals send out spam that imitates the look and language of legitimate correspondence from e-commerce sites. The fake messages generally link to Web sites which are similarly faked to look like the sites of the respected companies. On the sites, you are directed to enter your personal information for authentication or confirmation purposes. The information, when submitted, however, goes to the thieves, not to the "spoofed" company.

There is a webpage called ‘delicious’ where you can keep your bookmarks. These are available on any computer.


Web quests and cyber hunts:

Useful for children to research collaboratively.

What are the main differences between search engines for kids and adult ones? Using the webpage:
Children's search engines:
  • Fun
  • Colourful - visually appealing
  • Interactive
  • Everything is available on one page whereas adult search engines require specific keywords
  • Links available
  • There are helpful, educative resources

Differences to google:
  • A safer webpage as it is specifically for children
  • There are links for easy navigation
  • Google is just a search engline, but children's search engines are educative